System and browser settings test

Electronic tool E-ZAK is a web application that is hosted on a remote server, and users control it via an internet browser as a normal website. However, some tasks require eg. an active javascript and cookies, or even permit Java applets and others. The following tests will help you to verify functionality and settings of your browser and operating system before you will have to perform these tasks within specific public contracts.

When is it appropriate to carry out tests:
  • you are here for the first time
  • since the last test some change has occurred in your computer (replacement, reinstallation, update, different browser, different electronic signature)
  • you are getting ready to submit a tender or participate in an electronic auction - because these are a time-bound actions, it is always better to be best prepared

1. environment test

This test examines essential parts of the internet browser and its settings for working with the electronic tool E-ZAK. Its successful completion does not guarantees a smooth work with electronic tenders, therefore a second test of the electronic tender submission will be offered.

The contents of the environment test:
  • javascript
  • operating system
  • internet browser
  • cookies
  • java - according to the type and version of the browser

If there will be a mismatch against minimum requirements detected in some of these components, you'll be instructed how to repair this state.

2. tender submission test

Conditions of the success:
  • successful completion of the first environment test
  • valid guaranteed electronic signature based on qualified certificate, so-called guaranteed electronic signature (in the Czech republic it is issued for example by, actual list can be found on web pages of Ministry of interior of the Czech republic; also certificates by foreign certification authorities are accepted according to list of TSL)

Part of the test page is an encryption and signing component (java applets or javascript depending on the type and version of the browser), which encrypts your tender in the browser, that means that only its encrypted content will be sent to the server to make impossible viewing the contents prematurely. If you will be prompted for permission to run the Java runtime environment (according to the type and version of the browser), it is necessary to allow it and then also allow to run the Cipher applet used for encrypting and Signer applet used for signing, otherwise you won't be able to encrypt the contents of the tender and submit it. The permission to run the Java or java applet will be prompted via dialog browser window or by displaying the yellow bar above the page in the browser - read carefully the displayed instructions and accordingly grant the permission to run applets.
More details can be found also in the user's manual (pdf, 3.98 MB) in the chapter related to electronic tenders.